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ALICE... world premiere Adaptation / Directed by Matthew Earnest

​Porthouse Theatre Company, Blossom Music Center


​MISS JULIE, Dir. Jane Page ~ Two River Theater

​​Costume Design by Patrick Johnson / Set Design by Steve Pauna / Lighting Desgin by TC Kouyeas   (PHOTO Bob Christy) Queen of Hearts, Doe, Rose, and Older Alice…. opposite Emily Pote (Young Alice); Sean Parr (King of Hearts); Nick Koesters (Cheshire Cat) pictured 

Set & Costumes by Zane Philstrom; Lighting Design by Bryan Keller

​Opposite James Lloyd Reynolds (pictured) Andrea Moro Winslow,

Hayli Henderson, Brian McManamon

Set Design by Adam Stockhousen

Costume Design by Teresa Snider-Stern

Lighting Design by Chris Parry

CAST: Christine Toy Johnson, V. Craig Heidenreich, Jane Cho, Brad Häberle, MacIntyre Dixon  

(PHOTO CREDIT: T. Charles Erickson)

THE APERTURE, by Sean Christopher Lewis ~ Dir. Craig J. George

@ Cleveland Public Theatre & NY International Fringe Festival

IPHEGENIA 2.0, by Charlie Mee ~ Cleveland Public Theatre

TIME STANDS STILL ~ Dir Nathan Motta,  Dobama Theatre Co.

Opposite Nick Koesters
rehearsal shots (PHOTO: Steve Wagner)


World Premiere English Translation BAIT Festival ~ Dir. Yana Ross, PS-122 NY

MY BARKING DOG ~ World Premiere by Eric Coble

@ Cleveland Public Theatre, Dir. Jeremy Paul

Cast: Tess Burgler, Wesley Allen, Scott Miller / Set: Jill Davis / Costume: Inda Batch Geib / Props: Yesenia Real-Rivera / Lighting: Marcus Dana / Sound: Cyrus Taylor 

(PHOTO: Steve Wagner)

THE LITTLE FOXES ~ DIr. Laura Kepley, The Cleveland Play House

Set & Costume Inda Blach Geib / Lighting Design Keith B Nagy / Opposite my incredible Oberlin students ~ Aaron Profumo; Marina Shay; Andrew Gombas; Hallie Haas, Llewie Nunez, Ali Bianchi, Ellie Philips, Aily Roper; Hayden Gilbert, David O'Hana, Andy Sold, Colin Wolf, Lillian White;  Nicholas Sweeney; and Tom Woodward. PHOTO: Steve Wagner  PRESS

THE MYSTERY OF LOVE AND SEX, by Bathsheba Doran / Directed by Shanon Sindelar,  Dobama Theatre 

​​Set Design by Harry Feiner

Costume Design by Deborah J. Caey

Lighting Design by Aaron Black

opposite Ed Blunt, Nedra Banks   

(PHOTO CREDIT: T. Charles Erickson)


Set & Costume Design: Lex Liang

Lighting Design: Michael Boll

CAST: Sherry Tolliver, Kim Sullivan, Megan King, Jerry Richardson, Maggie Lacey, Cameron Folmar, Nick Barbato, Robert Ellis   

(PHOTOS by Michelle Berki & Roger Mastroianni)

36 VIEWS, by Naomi Iizuka ~ Dir. Evan Yionoulis, The Huntington Theatre Company

​​​​​​​​Heather Anderson Boll

Lighting Design by Michael Boll

Set Design by Ben Needham

with Anne MacEvoy, Liz Conway, and Robert Hawkes

COLDER THAN HERE, Dir. Joel Hammer ~ Dobama Theatre

Lighting Design by Michael Boll

Set Design by Curtis Young 

Costume Design by Alison Garrigan

Video Design by Tom Kondilas 

Projection Design by Wesley Crump.   Opposite Isaiah Isaac (pictured)  (PHOTO CREDIT Steve Wagner)


Set Design Jill Davis  / Lighting Design Marcus Dana / Costume Design Tesia Benson 

opposite David Bugher, Llewie Nunez, Peter Aylward. (PHOTO Steve Wagner)